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SIBYLLA Silk/Bamboo/Cashmere Cardigan


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SIBYLLA Silk/Bamboo/Cashmere CardiganSIBYLLA Silk/Bamboo/Cashmere CardiganSIBYLLA Silk/Bamboo/Cashmere Cardigan
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SIBYLLA Silk/Bamboo/Cashmere Cardigan
Features and Benefits

Enjoy this new very special blend of beautiful natural fibres!

 Luxuriously soft, naturally cool,  lightweight, more breathable than cotton, and so eco-friendly! 

SILK is often acclaimed to be the queen of textiles with its unbeatable softness and sheen.
BAMBOO is eco-friendly; beautifully soft, durable,  high breathability, and has natural anti-bacerial and low–allergenic properties.Softer than cotton and twice as moisture-absorbent. Nature’s new wonder fibre!
CASHMERE is a luxury fibre durable, light, soft and super fine.

Look cool and elegant in your cardigan made from this unique  blend.

55% bamboo; 40% Silk; 5% cashmere.    

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